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What is Confirmation?

According to our hymnal: “Confirmation marks the completion of the congregation’s program of confirmation ministry, a period of instruction in the Christian faith as confessed in the teachings of the Lutheran Church.Those who have completed this program were made members of the Church in Baptism. Confirmation includes a public profession of the faith into which the candidates were baptized, thus underscoring God’s action in their Baptism.” (The Lutheran Book of Worship, page 198)

Is confirmation mandatory?

No, but it does provide one way for parents to fulfill the promises and obligations they give at their child’s baptism.

When do I do confirmation?

Our confirmation program is usually for youth starting 8th grade and ending the program in 9th grade.

Why do confirmation?

When we have our children baptized, we promise to “bring them to the services of God’s house, and teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, the Ten Commandments.” As our children grow in years, we promise to “to place in their hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith, that living in the covenant of their Baptism and in communion with the Church, they may lead godly lives until the day of Jesus Christ.” (The Lutheran Book of Worship, page 121) We also promise to “faithfully care for them and help them in every way as God gives us the opportunity, that they may bear witness to the faith we profess, and that , living in the covenant of their Baptism and in communion with the Church, they may lead godly lives until the day of Jesus Christ.” (The Lutheran Book of Worship, page 122)

Okay, so now that we have established what confirmation is, what is FUNDOCY?

FUNDOCY is our acronym for FUN DOing Confirmation with Youth (It is also the name for the loin cloth sumo wrestlers wear!). We named it FUNDOCY because we truly believe that you can have fun while learning about God’s Promises and growing through faith! The pastors have designed this program not to replace the parental responsibility of sharing this information with their children, but to enable this process. For this program to truly take hold in your child, parents must be involved in the process. While learning is always important, our emphasis in FUNDOCY is on creating relationships and having fun!

What do you do in FUNDOCY?

It is a 22 month program and we meet about twice a month at 4pm on Sunday.  NO SUMMERS. That is a total of 72 hours in less than 2 years. Easy, right? We do tons of fun things! Our prayer is that youth will learn more about being the living body of Christ in this place and in the world. We will give you the opportunity to explore what that means to you personally. We also want you to know that this place is a safe place for you to discuss, question and grow.

What is the curriculum and what do you study?

The curriculum is Faith Inkubators using Rich Milheim’s Head to the Heart (H2H).The lessons covered are those found in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism: the Ten Commandments, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and the Sacraments, along with an overview of the Old/New Testaments and a study on Martin Luther himself.

Are there any tests to be taken?

NO – NO – NO!

When do I do homework?

Homework must be completed for the classes you miss.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


Poconos Homework 2019

9.22.19 New Testament Overview Homework

9.29.19 Gospels Homework

10.20.19 Holy Spirit Comes Homework

10.27.19 Peter and the Early Church Homework

11.17.19 Damascus Road Homework

11.24.19 Journeys & Letters of Paul Homework

12.8.19 Letter to Hebrews & Universal Letters Homework

12.22.19 Revelation to John Homework

1.5.20 Apostles’ Creed Overview Homework

1.12.20 Apostles’ Creed God and Jesus Homework

2.2.20 Apostles’ Creed Holy Spirit Homework

2.23.20 Luther Homework

3.1.20 Commandments 1, 2, & 3

3.15.20 Commandments 4&5

3.29.20 Commandment 6

4.26.20 Commandments 7&8

5.3.20 Commandments 9&10

Final Fundocy Assignment for Spring 2020

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